Rivendell Seeks Study Committee Members

Rivendell Seeks Study Committee Members

At its November meeting, the Rivendell School Board approved a 3-year budget plan to move to multi-age classrooms in the elementary schools in the 2025-26 school year and transition the Samuel Morey School Community to Rivendell Academy in the fall of 2026. We know that this vote is just the first step. It will take a lot of planning to ensure that each of these transitions goes well. We also acknowledge that there is much we don’t yet know that could impact our ultimate decisions.

Our next step is to form committees to study how to best implement the proposed changes. Our goal is to have representation of key stake-holders on each committee. 

It is our hope that these committees will help us develop implementation plans that
- empower teachers to do their best work
- center on what is best for students
- enhance what we already do well 
- are forward-looking in terms of enrollment, finances, and educational vision
- build community across schools and towns

If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please let us know by filling out this survey. Once we learn who is interested, we will propose groupings for each committee.
Kathy Hooke, Chair
Rivendell School Board

See the SURVEY