A Very Sucessful Green Up Day!

Saturday May 4th - Green Up day! This year in Fairlee the roads were especially littered after a mild winter, This year a truly great effort by the 34 volunteers in Fairlee cleared the majority of our roads collecting a total of 100 bags and 34 tires, large amounts of Twisted tea and Bud Lite cans, a broken kiddie pool and a Subaru bumper. That item was retrieved from the 244 - Rt 5 crossroads, by Mark and Katherine Bishop who did a stellar job of clearing that hillside.

Another team of Peter and Arlene Guest with Lynne Fitzhugh cleared Bald top Rd of a pick up load of trash. The Hall-Martels took on another of Fairlee's worst areas the top of Maurice Roberts Memorial Hwy,

To the businesses that support Green up in Fairlee, a thanks to Justin Adams and Sandra Marsh for their support. Also, a big thanks also to Taryn Adamczyk at Sunnyside Coffee for her support.