VT Housing Improvement Program Grants up to 50k

The Vermont Housing Improvement Program (VHIP):
Landlords can apply for grants to bring units up to Vermont Rental Housing Health Code guidelines. These grants can be:
o  Up to $30,000 for the rehabilitation of each 0-2 bedroom unit.
o  Up to $50,000 for the rehabilitation of each 3+ bedroom unit.
o  Up to $50,000 for the creation of new units in an existing building.
o  Up to $50,000 for the creation of accessory dwelling units (ADUs)
  • Units applying for rehabilitation must have been vacant for 90 days before application to VHIP.
  • Property owners are required to match at least 20% of the grant funds, with the option for an in-kind match for unbilled services or owned materials.
  • All VHIP participants must agree to rent units at or below HUD Fair Market Rents for the County for a minimum of five years (a fair market rent calculator is included at the bottom of this page).
  • VHIP participants rehabilitating rental units or creating new units in existing, rented buildings must work with Coordinated Entry Lead Organizations to find suitable renters for at least five years.*
◦ *VHIP participants creating an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) are exempt from the requirement to work with the Coordinated Entry Lead Organization and may use their preferred selection criteria in accordance with Vermont's residential rental laws.
See the VHIP website for more details