Continuing Art Exhibit at Town Hall: April-May Stephanie Gordon

Beginning April 1, the ongoing exhibit at the Fairlee Town Hall of work by artists of the Vermont North By Hand Artisans Cooperative will feature encaustic paintings by Stephanie Gordon.             
The landscape paintings on display at the Fairlee Town Hall are mixed media encaustic paintings. Encaustic painting is a very ancient and beautiful method of creating luminous art from pigmented molten waxes called encaustics.

A lifelong artist, Stephanie Gordon started painting with encaustics 10 years ago, after seeing some of the fabled Fayum mummy portraits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She was struck by their beauty and luminosity. Colored pigments are mixed with clear medium to create paints of varying transparency. The encaustic paints are heated on a hot palette until liquid, then applied to a panel.

Gordon often incorporates handmade papers, foils, thread and elements of image transfer into the work. In addition, she draws into the paintings with oil pastels or pencils, which are also fused into the encaustic paint. The qualities of depth and light created by the use of layers of semi-transparent wax are well suited for painting landscapes.
Vermont North by Hand