DRB Public Hearing

The Town of Fairlee Development Review Board will hold public hearings on
Wednesday May 22, 2024 at 6:15 pm to be held in the Grange Room at the Fairlee
Town Hall and via this Zoom link:

to consider the following: (1) Warned Hearing on applications 24-S-03 site
plan and 24-CU-03 site plan and conditional use approval for an addition to a
primary retail location and gasoline retailer above 6500 square feet, PIN 09-
00-16, Sam Adams, property owner and P&P Marketplace LLC applicant, 9 US Rte.
5 North. Persons wishing to appear and be heard may do so in person or be
represented by an agent or attorney. Written comments regarding the
application may be submitted to the Zoning Administrator in advance or in
person at the hearing. Participation in the hearing is required by State
statute to appeal a decision in this matter to the Environmental Court (24 VSA
Sections 4464(a)(1)(c) and 4471(a).