May 7, 2024 Algae Bloom Is Not Cyanobacteria

Update May 8:

Both testing and satellite telemetry confirm that the algae bloom on Lake Morey is not, I repeat, not the result of cyanobacteria. The water as of this time is considered to be within safe norms.
Thank you-

Chris Brimmer, Health Officer Town of Fairlee

You may have seen large bright green mats of algae beginning to form on the northeast end of Lake Morey. We do not believe they are cyanobacteria at this time due to the water temperature and formation at a time of sunlight filtered by a deep cloud deck over the weekend.

That said, out of caution we are advising residents and visitors to treat the mats with the same respect that they would treat cyanobacteria.

Thank you,

Chris Brimmer Health Officer Town of Fairlee