Sept. 15, 2022 Cyanobacteria Bloom on Lake Morey and Health Risks

Lake Morey, Town of Fairlee VT, September 15, 2022
Cyanobacteria Bloom on Lake Morey and Associated Health Risks
Fairlee Selectboard and Health Officer are working on mitigation but there are no quick fixes.
The lake-wide Cyanobacteria bloom at Lake Morey this late Aug-early Sept was probably caused by internal phosphorus loading in the hypolimnion (lake bottom).
The extremely clear water reported by the Lake Morey Commission in June and early July at 7-8 M (21-24') may have presented ideal growing conditions for cyanobacteria on the anaerobic lake bottom, which ended up floating to the lake surface. Complicating this phenomenon were at least 3 different types of planktonic cyanobacteria which provided additionally surface matting and disagreeable water quality. There has been no significant reporting of dead fish.
Although water chemistry analysis and algae identification continue at the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, it has been proposed that a feasibility study be undertaken with the possible outcome being an alum addition at some point.

The town of Fairlee has been proactive by posting signs and warnings.

Town of Fairlee, Lake Morey Commission