Nov. 22, 2022 Press Release

Press Release Fairlee to conduct Feasibility Study of Lake Morey
In response to the recent cyanobacteria bloom on Lake Morey, the Town of Fairlee has hired Solitude Lake Management to complete a comprehensive feasibility study to determine the best available methods to maintain a healthy lake environment. The Department of
Environmental Commission (DEC) Lakes and Ponds Program requires a feasibility study to be completed for the Town to secure funding from the State to address the cyanobacteria bloom on Lake Morey. The feasibility study was endorsed by the DEC and underwritten by the generous donation by the Lake Morey Foundation.
The study, starting in November of 2022, is an undertaking that is scheduled to be completed in early 2023. The study allows the Town to provide the necessary data to the DEC to determine a treatment plan to be implemented in 2024. It is hoped that DEC will include funding for a treatment plan for Lake Morey in the Vermont State fiscal year 2024 budget cycle, which starts July 1, 2023.
The Town of Fairlee has been working closely with the Lake Morey Commission, the Lake Morey Protective Association, the Lake Morey Foundation, the Aloha Foundation and the Lake Morey Resort in coordination with the State of Vermont to facilitate the feasibility study of Lake Morey.
DATE: 11/22/2022
CONTACT: Tad Nunez, Town Administrator
(802) 333–4363 x2