May 24, 2024 Non-toxic Algae Bloom

Presently Morey is undergoing a filamentous algae bloom comprised mostly of green algae, or Chlorophyceae. This is a very broad group of algae using green chlorophyll-a for photosynthesis. The most concentrated blooms are seen in the Northeast lake shore, Leach to Blaine.
Although Morey always has benthic and floating green algae growth, this is the largest bloom in recent memory.
Both Vt. Department of Environmental Conservation and SoLitude Lake Management (the company hired to treat the lake) have following comments:
  • very common in Spring. SoLitude fields lots of calls on this subject
  • this type is opportunistic, grows quickly and will cycle out as water warms, and other plants uptake soluble nutrients
  • the alumina treatment will certainly tie-up excessive nutrients as designed, further impeding all algae growth.
  • unlike Cyanobacteria, the group is non-toxic.

The mats can be raked up and disposed of in compost or leaf piles.