Cemetery Commission

Cemetery Minutes

For plot sales and further information, please contact the Town Clerk – 802-333-4363 ext. 1 – townclerk@fairleevt.gov

Town of Fairlee Cemetery Policy  – Revised and Approved September 17, 2014

  1. The size of a single plot is 5 ½ ft. x 10 ft. This is for a one vault burial and/or eight cremation burials. When cremation burials are made in a plot first, a vault burial is not allowed afterwards. If a vault burial is made in a plot first, 8 cremation burials can be made on top. The price of a single plot will be $300.00 for residents and non-resident taxpayers. The price for a non-resident plot will be $600.00.These prices include four granite cornerstones.
  2. Prior approval is needed by the Cemetery Commissioners for a vault burial or to bury cremated remains. Cremation Certificates must be recorded in the Town Clerk’s Office.
  3. Maintenance will be accomplished by the Cemetery Commissioners or paid help supervised by the Cemetery Commissioners.
  4. No shrubs or trees can be planted in the cemetery.
  5. Opening and closing times of the cemetery are set by the Cemetery Commissioners.
  6. Winter access to the cemetery is based on weather conditions and approval must be by the Cemetery Commissioners or a Cemetery Commissioner.
  7. All monuments are to be approved by the Cemetery Commissioner and all monuments are to be installed by professional personnel.
  8. All flowers, artificial flowers, wreaths, or crosses can be removed when the Cemetery Commissioner feels they have expired.
  9. This above policy can only be changed by the Cemetery Commissioners.